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I watched him. I watched the young prince as he and his father battled. I looked as they spoke harshly at each other. Azula, his sinister sister, was laughing as she watched. She knew he was going to loose against Fire Lord Ozai. It was hard for me to watch, but the ending of the battle was the last for me. The young prince Zuko's father's fire made contact to his face, eventually getting a scar. I stood up and entered the battle field. Everyone gasped, almost as warning me. I didn't care. Zuko is his son and he fought him cruelly, I couldn't bear to think of more.
"Stop this right now! Ozai you disgust me, he is your OWN son. Your such a weak and sadly cruel person." My voice was flat and cold.
"So much talk for the princess of two nations. It seems I have to teach you a lesson as well!" He hurled fire at me and I dodged easily. At this point he wasn't even trying. 
"Ozai your not even trying now. Your anger is controlling your body and it's movements. Truly a sad excuse for a Fire Lord. But you don't have to worry now, in the right time Zuko will take his toll on you." I replied in the same monotone voice while smirking.
"Stupid girl you can't even bend! Your as good as dead! As for Zuko, he is banished for ever!" My smirk grew wider.
"I can't bend? Interesting. Too bad you don't know more about me, Ozai." I blood-bended him into a bowing position.
"H-HOW?! This is an ancient type of bending! N-NO! Your just a stupid girl!!" My smirk dissipated.
"I guess, I'm just like the avatar. Just one improvement though. I am the spirit of the moon and sun, the wolves of all elements. It's only right you bow to me." My right eye turned red and the left, blue. 
"Don't you forget, you harm any of my elements, including my villages, and I will make sure to finish you off Ozai." I bended the water around the arena and it formed a water wolf. I Earth bended rocks into it, including fire. Once fully complete, the wolf bit Ozai and left him a giant bite mark from all the elements. Marking him, as unworthy. 
"Zuko, I trust you will be successful." He was still in the same spot where his father threw him previously.
"W-Who are you? What do you want from me?" He asked standing up.
"Nothing, I just simply see you as a person who has a past. On your journey, take good care of the elements around you. Goodbye, Fire Lord Zuko." He stood there in shock and total disbelief of what I just said and did. From then on I went into hiding, still as a princess of course. Nobody took my place. My kingdoms knew I were looking over them, no matter where I was. Aside from that, the were also scared to replace me, possibly thinking I would lash at them for doing so. After four years I heard rumors that the Avatar was revived some how from his long slumber. The other part of the rumors I was slightly sad about. Prince Zuko was after the Avatar for all these years. He was trying to redeem his father's so called 'honor'. I had to find him and change his mind. In my head he was already the Fire Lord, however not in his. This is where our true journey begins, together.
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